Can you do small runs?

TASC is a dedicated service organization. As such, we have NEVER turned a customer away due to low volume, or any other reason. We understand that there are people and companies that need small services. Therefore we have dedicated ourselves to that purpose, and we exist solely to be of service to you in whatever capacity will help you to accomplish the purposes and goals you have set for yourself or you company.

Are you certified to ISO 9000 or higher?

We are an ISO-9000 Compliant business. The initial start-up costs and more importantly, the long term over-head associated with being ISO-9000 Certified are huge. This was considered by Management as far too over-the-top in the highly competitive marketplace that is our niche. In order for TASC to obtain and keep an ISO-9000 Certification, our clients would have in effect been paying for it. This would have dramatically changed our ability to compete, as well as our customer base, and lessened our ability to be of service to the many small and medium sized clients we have partnered with over the years.

Instead, TASC has implemented the core intentions delineated by the International Standards Organization in the ISO-9000 Series, and designed and put into practice the necessary checks and balances, as well as the process controls that ensure a consistent, quality product without the associated extra costs involved with being ISO-9000 Certified.

We have tracking and accountability features with custom documentation for every assembly we manufacture, Quality Assurance with check-points at all of the strategic production steps, a custom, proven Quality System, competent forward and backward looking effectivity, Work in Process and inventory control, and company policy that covers all aspects of doing the job, and doing it right. In short, all the vital points that are part and parcel of the everyday manufacturing world.

What specifications do you work to?

Our operative specification is IPC-610 and the applicable updates. All of our work is performed minimally to IPC-610 Class II Standards and is done in accordance with the practices set forth by the FDA in their Good Manufacturing Practice requirements.

Some of our clientele are suppliers to the Commercial Aircraft Industry as well as to various branches of the Military. We are proficient at working to these higher standards as well, and can tailor make a set of instructions to embrace any known specifications, if needed by the customer.

Can you place fine pitch surface mount components?

We are very proficient at placing very small, fine pitch surface mount components. Our personnel have the experience and access to the proper tools to accomplish this type of task to machine-like precision and appearance. Many of our customers are amazed at the expert surface mount placement we do for them.

Can you design this? Can you manufacture that?

We would love to be able to say “Well of course we can!!!!” every time we hear that question! Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Very large, or very complex design and manufacturing projects can tax our resources and on occasion we have to say no. But, you can count on a timely, honest response for any project you may have on your plate. If we can honestly do it, we will advise you of the fact. If not, you will know that as well, and we’ll do everything in our power to point you to the people who can!

The best way to determine our capability of doing your job is to go to this link Get A Quote From TASC and send us the pertinent data, a listing of which you will find at the link site. You will get a response within 24 hours, sometimes within minutes.

What is your normal turn-around time?

Our standard turn-around time for any one project is 3 weeks. That said, delivery can be modified in almost any way needed to service you to the extent you feel is required. Orders can be expedited, sometimes for a nominal fee. Orders can be scheduled weekly or monthly, or any other increment of time dictated by your particular needs, including JIT.

A few of our customers think that the same day, or next day at the latest is normal turn-around time.

We have discovered that nothing is “normal’ in the manufacturing world. So, as a service company, we feel we need to be as flexible as humanly possible in order to accomplish that goal of being a service company.

You tell us what you need, and we’ll do everything in our power to see that it happens that way.

What are your testing capabilities?

The “Technical” in TASC means just that. We are very skilled at designing and building custom Test Fixtures and Test Beds for almost anything. And we have the personnel on board to ensure that your product performs the exact way it should. All of our turnkey manufacturing projects are fully functional tested before they ship out the door to your facility.

We have a full array of the necessary Test Equipment from Digital O-Scopes to Function Generators in our Test and Repair Department.

What are my payment options should I get my services at TASC?

Net 30; 2%10-Net 30; Credit Card; and COD. Sometimes we may require a pre-payment, depending on the project, and client history.