Our Clients

TASC’s client base is comprised of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Engineers, Designers and Developers of Electronic Equipment, Government Agencies, Government Contractors, Entrepreneurs, Universities, Small and Large Companies and basically anyone who is subcontracting their electronics manufacturing to TASC for design and build.

For OEMs we offer the benefits of on-demand outsourcing without the headaches usually associated with staffing: hiring, firing, layoffs, payroll taxes and the associated costs and paperwork. This allows our customers to follow their strengths and focus on the core business of getting their product to the marketplace. It also allows them to watch electronic equipment trends, and work on new products so they can stay ahead of their competition while we handle the day to day, labor intensive tasks of manufacturing. We have the equipment and expertise necessary to seamlessly handle this portion of the process.

Why re-invent the wheel and spend capital unnecessarily on in-house manufacturing facilities when they already exist? With today’s Internet and the myriad of shipping options that exist in the U.S., help is literally just “around the corner.”

TASC is unique as we employee on average 22 staff, all have a variety of manufacturing and assembly or design and development skill set. We employ staff who assemble simple products, we employee staff who are Electronic Technicians, Expert Box Builders, Electronic Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Solders with years of experience, Cable and Wire Harness builders who are able to work on a variety of products at a moment’s notice. We employ staff who we cross train in many departments at TASC. Have a special requirement? Just ask, I am sure we will find the right skill set just for your need!

Note: Our client and reference lists are available upon request